Welcome, I’m Jeff Stellick, a print and mixed media artist from Ottawa.

I have exhibited my work widely in Canada, the US and Europe and am represented in several major collections including the City of Ottawa, the Canada Council Art Bank and la Collection de Lotto Quebec.

In my work, I am preoccupied with the impact of uncertainty and sudden change in societies and civilizations. I have done extensive research into the Aztec, Inca and Mayan civilizations which depicts my obscure and arcane knowledge.

Cuzco, 15 x 10 cm, Linocut, 2001

As a print and mixed-media artist, I have been obsessed with skyscrapers for some time. I use the form of these buildings in a surprising way: to present and explore ideas of weakness and impermanence. These large, familiar buildings seem almost invincible and are living symbols of our society’s grand achievements.

Through whatever aspect I may emphasize, I want you, the viewer, to consider the unseen frailty of these buildings, and, by extension, our society. Perhaps then we can begin to reconsider some of the directions our profit-driven society has taken…

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